Sunday, 13 March 2011

Up Channel Seabirds

Dungeness - 0645-0815hrs - mild, cloudy, ssw2/3 - Joined Marshman and the Joker along the concrete road for an early morning seawatch. Plenty of fresh air, just what I needed after last nights curry...
A steady passage of several hundred birds logged eastwards included mainly Brents, scoters and divers with a supporting cast of Shoveler, Pintail, Mallard and Shelduck, a few auks and a Fulmar. At least 50 each of Great Crested Grebe and Gannet milling about off the point. Year ticked Sandwich Tern heading towards the Patch and there were 2 close Guillies on the sea. Shortie the Glaucous Gull loafed on the shingle, posing by the FE fishing boat. Gullman arrived as I was leaving, along with Wealdman, who had the remains of breakfast in his beard, still at least he`d remembered to bring his bins with him...
                                          King of the Beach - Shortie the Glaucous Gull

Lade - 0830hrs Highlight of the monthly WeBS count was a mobile flock of 17 Goldeneyes.

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