Monday, 23 January 2012


ARC/New Diggings - 1000hrs - mild, bright, w1 - Seemed to be an influx of Smews this morning with 5 on each water, including a cracking `white nun` at the southern end. A lone Ruddy Duck remained on  New Diggings and 2 Marsh Harriers drifted over Screen hide. A Woodcock flushed from the Willow Trail where 2 Chiffchaffs in the buses, plus calling Water Rail and Cetti`s Warbler.
53 Bewick`s Swans reported from Midley (CP).
Littlestone - 1530hrs - A late stroll along the beach for any owls hunting over the golf links drew a blank. Plenty of Sanderling (c200) on the beach, plus several Grey Plovers and Knots; no sign of any Ringed Plovers tho...
                                           White Nun, ARC

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