Saturday, 5 May 2012

Kentish Plover & Temminck`s Stint

Scotney - 1015hrs - cold, wet, ne3 - Surely its not early May, apparently Christmas Day was `warmer` than today. Anyhow, following on from yesterdays shenanigans at Dunge the fantasy birding period continued, only this time on a wader theme. The grass leys at Scotney held a scattering of Barwits, Grey Plovers, Ringed Plovers, Whimbrels, Dunlins, 3 Ruffs (including a black plumed male) and singles of Greenshank and Common Sandpiper.
Rye Harbour NR - 1200hrs - The view from Lime Kiln across the new tidal wetland was sheer wader heaven with hundreds of the little beauties spread out before an appreciative huddle of birders sheltering from a nippy wind in front of the cottage. The Kentish Plover was quickly located and at times showed well, although not close enough to digi-scope. Bonus birds came in the shape of a Temminck`s Stint scurrying around in typical mouse-like fashion, 3 Little Stints and 2 Curlew Sands. Also counted 350 Dunlins, 280 Ringed Plovers, 30 Knots, 50 Barwits, 10 Whimbrels, 10 Turnstones, 6 Avocets, 5 Sanderlings, 2 LRP`s, 25 Grey Plovers and 3 Goldies, many of which were in stunning summer plum. Also noted over Med Gulls, Sandwich and Common Terns, 9 Little Terns, several Wheatears, Linnets, Skylarks, Shelducks and a Cuckoo.
In all clocked up 21 species of waders today.
Lade - 1600hrs - Back home and a Hobby over south pit whilst sifting through a couple of hundred hirundines and Swifts, plus incredible sight of 4 Whimbrels that flew in from the south calling 3 of which landed on the shingle while the other landed atop a gorse bush! Where`s the camera when you need it? At home, of course...
ps: late news - a Red-rumper over New Diggings this evening. The Wiltshire birders reported a number of warblers in the moat at Dunge, but no sign of this mornings Wryneck.

                                          Barwit, Rye Harbour

                                          Avocets working as a team, Rye Harbour

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