Monday, 30 July 2012

Rosy Footman

Lade - 0600hrs - cool and sunny, sw2 - A chilly night resulted in a much reduced catch in the moth trap; BUT right in the bottom, underneath the last egg box was a beautiful, and unfamiliar to me, little moth that I took to be a  pyrale at first glance, until a visit to the Kerton Road Cafe straightened me out and confirmed it was a very bright Rosy Footman, a scarce resident in these parts and new for the trap.

                                          Rosy Footman, new for the Plovers trap

Spent most of the day up in London picking up Big Al (nearly 2 year old grandson) for an 11 day stay at Plovers. Was expecting a nightmare journey but it was like a Sunday morning on the roads with no queueing at the Blackwall Tunnel and you could even use the Zil lanes around the Olympic park. It would seem as though a large proportion of Londoners are either working from home or have cleared off on holiday.
By the O2 arena a flock of 10 parakeets flew out over the Thames.

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