Friday, 17 May 2013

Red-spotted Bluethroat, Dungeness

Dungeness - 0730hrs - cool, cloudy, ne 2 - A half hour look at the sea delivered nothing of note apart from a few terns and distant Gannets. At the Patch 80 Common Terns and a couple of hundred immature gulls was about it. On the power station wall two male Black Redstarts were going at each other hammer and tongs, otherwise there was just the usual Linnets and Whitethroats in the bushes towards the Obs.

                                Common Terns, The Patch

                                Sea Pink, Dungeness                               

                                Puss Moth, KRC

Called in at the Kerton Road Café where last nights moth traps yielded a few Light Feathered Rustics, Tawny Shears and a smart Puss Moth.
Dungeness  - 1300hrs - Whilst in Sainsbury, New Romney news came through on the text of a Red-spotted Bluethroat (189) at the fishing boats! By heck, that`s the quickest I`ve ever checked out of that place; the girl on the till must`ve thought my house was on fire.
However, eventually arrived on site just as the bird had done the off, but mercifully it was quickly relocated by the fisherman`s cottage and over the next hour performed a treat to one and all as it hopped around, uncharacteristically, feeding in the open. The views of what was a full adult male Red-spotted Bluethroat  were sublime, the only problem for me was it proved difficult to digi-scope, so only managed one or two pics, but the usual suspects with the proper kit should`ve mopped up. After an hour it flew off towards the sea containers, so I let it be having enjoyed some of the best views ever of this classic drift migrant. Well done to Patrick, the Assistant Warden for finding this little spindly-legged cracker.
Another  Serin was noted at the point this morning (DW).

                                Red-spotted Bluethroat, Dungeness

ARC - 1600hrs - Wandered down to Screen hide where hundreds of Swifts were feeding over the water along with Swallows and House Martins. The drake Scaup showed well among the Tufteds and a party of 30 Common Terns briefly dropped in. Lesser Whitethroat and Garden Warbler (190) noted on the walk to the water tower. Also, had good views of a Little Owl nearby.

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