Friday, 3 January 2014

Hume`s Leaf Warbler

Dungeness - 0930hrs - Heavy showers, gale force sw, mild - During a break in the rain this morning we headed for the Trapping Area, more in hope than expectation, to give yesterdays Hume`s Leaf Warbler a go. After an hour sploshing around in the willow swamp, hearing a couple of Chiffs and not much else, DW called confirming the bird was still present nearby. Further sploshing around followed during which time I heard one brief snatch of a double note call which may have been the bird but I couldn`t be sure and the strong wind didn`t help matters.
Greatstone Golf Links - 1500hrs - Another break in the weather allowed a check of the golf links this afternoon for the recent Short-eared Owls, but it was not to be as the wind picked up gusting to near storm force, and combining with thunder and lightening caused a two hour power outage along the coastal strip. In all a pretty crap day really.

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