Monday, 3 February 2014

Velcro Birds

Lade - 0900hrs  - cold, sunny, se 4 - On the pits much the same birds as over the weekend, although Goldeneye numbers had risen to ten. Whilst scanning south lake a right old cacophony of noise could be heard towards the houses from a mixed group of Carrion Crows, Herring Gulls and Magpies as they mobbed a large, dog Fox which sauntered nonchalantly across the shingle with something in its mouth. On closer inspection it appeared that he`d caught a rabbit - and it wasn't a brown, scrawny, wild type of a Dungeness rabbit, more your sort of black and white, floppy eared, living-in-a-hutch kind of a job, going by the name of Blackberry, probably! Oh dear...
Thankfully, my four legged friend did not get wind of it, not that he`d have done much, but he does like a good chase now and again.

                                Turnstones & Purple Sandpipers, Hythe

Hythe - 1400hrs - Had to go into the Marsh metropolis this afternoon, which was a good enough excuse to check out the sea front for Velcro birds on the sea defence blocks. With the tide up and a strengthening wind there was a big sea crashing over the blocks where two dapper Purple Sandpipers were roosting alongside half a dozen Turnstones. They seemed oblivious to the tempest raging around them, but did shift once when a large wave gave them a good soaking.
As always pure quality waders, and I do mean both species. 

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