Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Angle-striped Sallow

Lade - warm and cloudy early on, sunny and hot later, ne 3 - Another bumper catch of moths in the garden mv with an influx of 15 Silver Ys, Scalloped Oaks, Poplar Hawk-moths, Common Emeralds and the migrant micro, Evergestis extimalis. At the Kerton Road CafĂ© a migrant Angle-striped Sallow was on a day trip from a trap on the High Weald.
Very little of note on the pits apart from 100 House Martins feeding over the willow swamp.

                                     Angle-striped Sallow, KRC

                                 Evergestis extimalis, Lade

                                Magpie, Lade

ARC - 1900hrs - Called in to Screen hide this evening on the way back from the allotment where a Kingfisher was a surprise find zipping across the reedbed calling. On the lake the usual hundreds of eclipse ducks, plus 10 Lapwings and a couple of Redshanks on an island.

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