Monday, 8 September 2014


Lade - Yesterday, during our early morning round of the local patch Barney got trampled on by an out of control Poodle. Now if that sounds a touch embarrassing it was a large, young one about the size of a Labrador and this morning he was hobbling badly and in need of a trip to the vets. The result being that Barney is now grounded for a week until his badly sprained paw heals. Its thrown as all out of kilter down here as walking the local patch without him is just not the same. He`s been moping around all afternoon since coming home from the vets, but hopefully by this time next week normal service will be resumed.

                               "Damn Poodle"

ARC - On the way home from the allotment I called in to Hanson hide from where a Spoonbill was asleep (as usual) on the Cormorant island, which was a belated year tick; I really must dig out that list sometime...

                                Spoonbill, ARC

Lade - Mrs PT caught an unpaid guest entering through the back door of Plovers at the weekend,  a Common Lizard, which promptly disappeared somewhere in the cottage...

                                Common Lizard, now at large in Plovers


  1. Paul ,
    If it's any consolation , a trip down to Dung yesterday on the strength of your 'migrant weekend' , found that they all seemed to ship-out overnight , leaving little to be found . The RSPB reserve particularly was barren of birds , well outnumbered by dragonflies . No sign of the RBShrike , but did see your Spoonbill and the Glossy Ibis , both from the screen .
    A few Wheatear around the lighthouse was as good as it got .

  2. Greenie, last weekend was exceptional, in 9 years living down here that was the best fall I`ve witnessed; the weather Gods conspired to deliver the goods. The humidity on Sunday was akin to the tropics, but that all changed overnight with a clear sky full of stars and off they went. Sorry you missed it, along with many other lost souls also searching for scraps yesterday. Here`s hoping for another fall before the autumns out. Good birding.