Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sabine`s Gull

Dungeness  -  1145hrs - mild, cloudy, sw 5 - Didn`t get much time in the field today due to guests coming and going, but did manage to slip out for an hour at the fishing boats on the strength of yet another good seabird. On arrival MB had the juvenile Sabine`s Gull in the `scope at 100 yds closest - talk about jammy! It doesn`t normally work out that way for me, a walk up rarity, however, we then enjoyed intermittent views as it drifted east on the sea, up and down in the wave troughs just offshore. Every so often it would flutter into the wind before dropping back down on the water, all the while being pushed towards the lifeboat station in the unrelenting south-westerly. A small dark gull that melted into the seascape when on the water, but in flight was immediately apparent with its  distinctive wing pattern.
Also of note a few passing Gannets and Kittiwakes, while earlier several Pom Skuas and a Great Northern Dover were recorded.
From yesterday I include a pic of the Long-tailed Duck on Burrowes, courtesy of Dave Featherbe.

    Long-tailed Duck, Burrowes (by Dave Featherbe)

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