Tuesday, 13 December 2016

December doldrums

Lade - mild and dreary - Truth be told December is my least favourite time of year and the grey drizzly weather summed up perfectly my mood as we trudged around the local patch. That said there were a few Goldeneyes on the lakes and plenty of waders on the beach, but nothing much else of note.
  Things weren't much better at Dungeness where the most exciting event was nearly getting run over by a gravel truck along the sea wall en-route to the Patch! On the bird reserve the Ring-necked Duck remained anchored on the pool at Boulderwall while all the usual wildfowl and gulls were on Burrowes. A search of the beach between St Mary`s Bay and Littlestone also drew a blank for the Snow Buntings.
  Its the whole Christmas thing I have a problem with, it drives me nuts every year, the excesses of it all, the crap people buy that they could well do without, the faux joviality and that damn song by Slade being played all the time! Added to which December is a quiet month at Plovers with few guests in (they`ve probably all sensibly buggered off abroad to get away from the ho-ho-bloody-ho!). The thing is I`m not normally a miserable sod, and I know come the day after Boxing Day when its all over that I`ll buck up, but until such time I suppose I`ll just have to grin and bear it.


  1. Cheer up = QPR could get beat by Aston Villa yet? It never rains, it pours! Happy Christmas - Dylan

  2. We went to the (yes, you`ve guessed it)`CHRISTMAS` quiz, at the Pilot pub last night and I realised after chatting to a few of the locals that I had quite a few allies pertaining to the month of December, mainly blokes funnily enough; although there was one particular lady who was vociferously `on side`...! Anyhow, it was an enjoyable evening and the teams raised a good bit for the MS Society. As for QPR, after getting beat by Rotherham last Saturday I`m forecasting a hammering against Derby tonight. Returning to the ho-ho-ho spirit and all that, in the words of Raymond Briggs, "a merry blooming Christmas to one and all". Bah, humbug!

  3. Well you described my thoughts on Christmas exactly, roll on the Shortest Day and then New Years Day, get past them and we're on the way to Spring!

  4. Couldn't agree more Derek, get the solstice over and take it from there.