Sunday, 16 July 2017

First Golden Plover

Lade - warm, dry, cloudy - The muggy weather conditions over the weekend have been conducive to good moth catches in the garden MV. Another Plumed-fan Foot, several more Rosy Footman, Garden Tigers and Sussex Emeralds being the highlights among 40 species of macros. Grassland butterflies such as Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Painted Lady and Hedge Brown have also drifted over into the garden during the afternoons.

                                Garden Tiger

                                Hedge Brown and Marbled White in the garden

Bird Reserve -  This afternoon I called in at Hanson hide where a decent collection of waders was present on the shingle islands including Greenshank, Blackwit, Golden Plover (my first of the autumn), six Dunlins, 10 LRPs with juvs, Lapwings, Oystercatchers and a Ringed Plover. On Burrowes more of the same, plus Common Sandpipers and a Sanderling that dropped in briefly.

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