Sunday, 4 February 2018

Beastly easterly

Lade - cold, showery, ne 4 - Over the course of the weekend the wind swung steadily round to the north-east and picked up through today along with a series of sleety showers bringing `proper` winter weather to our shores. It didn't seem to deter the windsurfers though and by midday the Lade toilet block car park was full of serious, hard core surfers taking advantage of the `beast from the east`. Young folk don't seem to feel the cold; I remember it well...
  However, bird wise on the local patch it was pretty much a case of `as you were` with the two Long-tailed Ducks and associated wildfowl on south lake, plus a brief appearance of a Dartford Warbler in the calm of yesterday.
  Elsewhere this weekend Dungeness was best avoided due to the annual Dab fishing competition which normally means wall-to-wall fisherman along the shoreline. News from the bird reserve concerned a similar suite of birds to last week.

                                Super moon over Plovers last week


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