Thursday, 28 June 2018

Lime Hawk-moth

Lade -  warm, dry and sunny, NE 4 - Spent the day guiding for our guests from Germany (the World Cup was not mentioned!). The moths were poor due to the strong onshore wind overnight. However, the Plovers trap did deliver a Lime Hawk-moth which, perhaps surprisingly, was new for the site, plus a scarce White Satin moth. Thanks are due to the Kerton Road Café and DBO for sifting through their two traps;  Red Hemp Nettle was also photographed on the NNR.

                                Lime Hawk-moth, new for the Plovers trap site


                                White Satin moth

Rye Harbour NR - We spent most of the day on the circular route around the Beach Reserve which delivered superb views of nesting Sandwich, Common and Little Terns, Black-headed and Mediterranean Gulls; many had well grown young and it was good to see the adults flying in with the `right` sort of fish. At least two pairs of Little Terns had chicks and there were more pairs nesting along the foreshore, which we only stumbled upon whilst searching for, finding and photographing the large swathes of Sea Pea. All the usual breeding waders were noted, although only three Avocets were present, the rest having dispersed, plus three Curlews. Also noted a lone Brent Goose, Peregrine, Little Egret and a sleeping Spoonbill.

                                Sea Pea

                                Brent Goose, Ternery Pool

                                Sandwich Terns and Mediterranean Gull

                                Juvenile Black-headed Gull

                                Common Tern


Lade - After calling in at Boulderwall to view the Tree Sparrows we moved onto the local patch to photograph the White Mullein spikes. A Moorhen with small chicks made a near suicidal crossing between the two islands attracting the attention of the Herring Gulls, but we managed to drive them away by shouting and clapping. As we left site the Curlew flock flew back out on the sands to feed,  along with a calling Whimbrel. A Common Sandpiper was also on south lake.

                                "Phew, that was close"

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