Friday, 6 May 2011

Back on the Marsh

                                          Brent Goose, Dengemarsh

Lade - warm, dry and sunny se 2 - Great to be back home after 3 days away in London; makes you realise how lucky we are living down here. Off to a cracking start late morning when the local Herring Gull gang went ballistic at a raptor coming down the coast that turned out to be a Honey Buzzard. It was about 100 feet up, so only brief views as it headed north towards Greatstone. Also, Cuckoo in the garden.
Dengemarsh - 1600hrs From Springfield Bridge 2 Hobbies hawking insects over Hookers, a lone Barwit on the flood and 3 late Brents with the feral geese. The drake Survivor Duck appears to have found a mate.
The Purple Heron was seen again this morning at Hookers, along with a flyover Wood Sandpiper ( The Joker) and a Rough-legged Buzzard went south over Kearton Road (Hawkeye).

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