Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rain, at last...

Dungeness - cool, windy, showery sw 5 - A dreadful day with a strong south-westerly gusting to 40mph during the afternoon; however, rain at last, well a few short, sharp, showers at least. Anyhow, birding was tough going due to the wind, even the Swifts over the bird reserve waters were struggling. The pair of Garganeys were still on ARC alongside a couple of Little Egrets, which I pressume are from the Lydd heronry where one or two pairs are nesting this year.
                                          Dodder, Dungeness

Dodder, now there`s a plant that`s done well this year. Despite the drought its absolutely everywhere on the point smothering ground hugging plants such as grasses and even up onto the brooms. This sticky, string-like parasitic species comes in various shades of red, pink and off-white and is steeped in folk lore. It has some great old country names such as Strangling String, Hellbine and my favourite Devil`s Guts.

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