Friday, 10 August 2012

Hot and Sweaty

Spent most of the day up in sweltering London dropping off the Little Chap and visiting a gallery with Mrs PT (some artist bloke who specialises in tapestries called Grayson Perry). Must say though that the Olympic atmos up-town was amazing, everyone smiling and chatting away on the train and all the staff being ever-so polite it was almost annoying! (only joking). Also found a cracking cafe and pub in Old Street for food and water...
Lade - Nothing much in the trap last night apart from a Pale Grass Eggar and 12 Silver Ys. A visit to the beach this evening delivered the same waders as yesterday, minus the stints, but it was difficult viewing as the holidaymakers and their dogs kept them on the the move. A couple of Turnstones did allow a close approach however.

                                          Turnstone, Lade

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