Monday, 20 August 2012

Moths, an Osprey & 2 Grey Seals

Lade - 0530hrs - Foggy start, warm dry sunny later - Much better last night with 30 species in the moth trap including a rake of Silver Ys, first White-point for a while and a stunning Gold Spot. Several Willow Warblers around the garden and 2 Whimbrels over south in the afternoon.
The mist eventually burnt off by late morning. Around mid-day, whilst sitting in the garden, the local Herring Gulls went into a mega frenzy. A normal frenzy usually results in a Grey Heron getting the treatment but this was different, the intensity of their distress could only mean one thing - a large raptor, and sure enough I just caught sight of an Osprey flying down the coast at about 100 feet being pursued mercilessly by the HGs.
In the afternoon whilst having a swim 2 Grey Seals approached close to shore inspecting the wallowing humans.
Dungeness - 0830hrs - A wander around in the murk produced very little although up to 50 Willow Warblers, 3 Lesser Whitethroats and a Common Redstart were located in the Trapping Area (TG).
However, of interest was the first Obs record of Jersey Tiger and an Oak Processionary in the fridge.

                                          Gold Spot

                                          Juv Fox (from yesterday) hunting frogs, ARC

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