Monday, 24 September 2012

Firecrests & Spoonbills

Dungeness  - 0830hrs - Calm, cloudy, mild drizzle, s1 - News came through first thing concerning a Yellow-browed Warbler in a private garden on the Estate, which despite a stakeout proved to be a no show. However, compensation was more than made good by crippling views of up to 3 Firecrests. These gorgeous little sprites performed low down in cover, at times only a few feet away.
A steady southwards passage of Swallows was already underway, before the wind increased and the rain came.

                                          Spoonbills, ARC

                                          Great Crested Newt, ARC

ARC - 1530hrs - By now a near gale force wind was lashing the peninsula, although the rain had eased, and there was even a glimmer of sunshine. From Hanson most birds were hunkered down on the shingle ridges trying to hang on against the tempest. Two Spoonbills were doing what they seem to do best at Dungeness; ie sleeping, and the Pec Sand showed briefly at distance. The only other waders were several Lapwings and singles of Ringed Plover and Dunlin. A small influx of Lesser Black-backs was noteworthy, while Wigeon numbers continued to increase. A Sparrowhawk came in low over the water flushing birds from the ridges.
Of note on the access track were a couple of Great Crested Newts crossing between ponds.

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