Friday, 21 September 2012

Hirundines & Chiffchaffs

Lade - 0700hrs -  Cool, cloudy, light airs - An odd sort of a day weather wise with cloud cover for most of the day and not much wind. It certainly had an effect on hirundines with huge numbers all along the storm beaches and coastline from Greatstone to Kerton Road. The power lines were covered in them and there was a good mix of all three species, although mostly Swallows from what I could make out. Eventually they assembled at Dungeness and headed south over a mill-pond like Channel - what a fantastic sight. Numbers were difficult to assess but must`ve involved many thousands of birds.
The bushes around Lade and in our back garden saw a steady passage of Chiffchaffs throughout the day with more in the Trapping Area at Dungeness.
Dungeness - 0900hrs - The Patch held pretty much the same birds as yesterday, so 4 Little Gulls, 3 Black Terns and singles of Kittiwake, Common and Arctic Terns. Offshore a few Gannets and Sandwich Terns drifted by along with a maraudering Arctic Skua. A stunning adult male Black Redstart was singing from the power station with 2 others and 3 Wheatears elsewhere.

                                         Hirundines, Dungeness

                                         Chiffchaff, DBO

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