Saturday, 16 March 2013

Glaucous Gull

Dungeness - 1000hrs - Cold, cloudy, rain, S 5 - Another grim old day with rain showers, some of them heavy, rattling in on a scudding southerly and the sea alive with white horses. Its often the case down here that when you might think a strong southerly would result in loads of seabirds being blown onshore it rarely happens, as this morning proved with only a few Fulmars and Gannets close to shore. I`m sure stuff was out there in the rain and every so a few auks, divers or Kittiwakes would rear out of the troughs. A scout round the fishing cabins and associated detritus for passerines drew a blank but the wintering 3rd winter Glaucous Gull did put in an appearance along the foreshore.
RSPB - From the causeway road the usual flock of Shovelers on ARC plus 2 Goldeneyes, Smew and Great White Egret. The fields at Boulderwall were relatively birdless apart from a few Wigeon and Curlews; many birds having probably moved inland to escape the wind. The visitors centre was almost empty, and Burrowes devoid of birds, so ended up having a good old chin-wag with DF about scuba-diving... The wet and windy weather prevented any attempts at birding this afternoon.

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