Tuesday, 12 March 2013

More about the Weather

Lade - 1000hrs - Cold, bright, ne 5 - Last night was one of the worst for extreme weather I can remember since moving down here to the coast. I truly thought the roof was coming off the cottage during the early hours as the blizzard reached its peak.Took a while to clear the snow drifts round the back door by daybreak, but couldnt be bothered to dig the car out, so reverted to Shanks`s pony today. As the day progressed the sun broke through and the wind eased slightly.
Spent a couple of hours over the pits checking around the margins where a number of Song Thrushes, Blackbirds and Redwings had taken refuge and were looking for food. Also noted 2 Water Rails, Cetti`s Warbler, Snipe and a Bittern. On the open water the usual diving ducks including 4 Goldeneyes, while the harriers were fighting the strong wind behind the `mirrors` as they hunted.
The wind had formed some pretty neat snowdrifts in places, particularly where it had stacked up behind the gorse bushes on the main track. The deepest one I could find was about four feet.

                                Snowdrifts, Lade

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