Monday, 1 December 2014

Bewick`s Swans and Magpies

Lade - cold, overcast, ne 3 - 0830hrs - A bleak, grey morning with a scudding wind off the bay heralded the first official day of winter. As a result I wasn`t that keen to sally forth across the shingle, but as ever my faithful mutt Barney was keen to be out and about, so I couldn`t really refuse. There didn`t appear to be any change to the duck numbers on south lake, although I couldn't find yesterdays Red Crested Pochard. On the walk home we flushed a small passerine that shot out of the broom like a rocket and headed south without calling, the identification of which will remain a mystery for ever more...
Walland Marsh - As if to signify the changing season at least 12 Bewick`s Swans were in the rape field north of Caldecote Lane with four more over the way by Belgar Farm, where also a mixed flock of 50 House and Tree Sparrows.
Scotney - A quick scan from the lay-bye revealed a host of Goldies, Lapwings, Starlings, feral geese, Wigeon and Common Gulls on the grass, plus five Redshanks, three Dunlins, Ruff and Little Stint.
Checked Galloways from the range road but all we could muster was a Kestrel and Stonechat.
A pit stop at Dengemarsh Road yielded the two Cattle Egrets following stock around in the field opposite Wraxalls stone yard, though distant.

                                Cattle Egrets, Dengemarsh Road

ARC - From Hanson hide hundreds of common wildfowl on the lake and a Great White Egret was about it.
Lade - From the aerial mound we scanned the willow swamp just before dusk for incoming Magpies. Love `em or loathe `em these irascible birds make quite a spectacle as they quarrel with one another around the roost site, and this evening at least 42 came in from all quarters.

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