Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Searching for the spring...

Lade - cold, wintry showers, sw 4 - The past couple of mornings has seen us trudging around the local patch in a biting wind searching for signs of spring; but with Smew and Goldeneye still on the lakes and large flocks of waders in non-breeding plumage on the beach, winter remains firmly in control. On Greatstone beach more barrel jellyfish continue to be washed up on the tideline.
However, if the weather lords are to be believed by the weekend we should be bathed in a plume of warm air coming up from the south and be awash with Wheatears and Sand Martins... mmm, we shall see...

                                Beach dog

                                Beached jellyfish

                                Beach waders


  1. You're in the best place to see an early migrant Paul and a Wheatear was seen at Portland yesterday

  2. Here`s hoping, but it`ll probably be sometime next week...