Sunday, 28 June 2015


Lade - warm, dry and sunny, light airs - A muggy night delivered large numbers of moths to the garden trap, but only Common Emerald was new for the year.

                                Common Emerald

                                Foxglove Pug

Dengemarsh -  Mrs PT joined us for a circuit of the Marsh starting and finishing in Dengemarsh Road where I was shocked to see Hart`s Farmhouse reduced to a pile of rubble and almost all the mature Scot`s Pines shielding the old building massacred; surely they had a TPO protection...
However, the lake held the usual myriad of moulting wildfowl, Coots, grebes, gulls, Little Egrets, Grey Herons and a few Common Terns, while the bone-dry hayfields held a lone Lapwing and two Oystercatchers. We had good views of Bearded Tits, Yellow Wagtails and Reed Warblers feeding young along the way, the usual Marsh Harriers and two flight views of Bittern out of Hookers reed bed.

                                Flowering Rush, Dengemarsh Sewer                               

                                Hart`s Farmhouse, Dengemarsh Road

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