Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dipped falcon and finch

Galloways - 0830hrs - warm, dry and sunny, se 2 - Following a report of an early morning male Red-footed Falcon by CT we headed out for a scan, although the falcon was last seen high tailing over  towards the Midrips. As firing was ongoing to 2300hrs only limited viewing was possible from the range road, but there was nothing doing on the rare falcon front, although on this glorious morning Stonechats, Sedge Warblers, Whitethroats and Skylarks were all up and singing, while several Marsh Harriers and Kestrels hunted over the grasslands.
Another scan from Springfield Bridge yielded all the usual suspects and even a few Yellow Wagtails.
Dungeness - 1500hrs - News of a mobile Serin (do they ever sit still for five minutes...) found earlier by DW prompted a wander around the point. To be honest it was more to give Barney a walk than any real prospect of relocating the finch, but I had to call in at the Obs to pick up my new fleece.
Yes, that`s correct, DBO are venturing into the clothing retail market, so if any of you Hipsters or old Hippies want a shiny new polo shirt, sweatshirt or fleece, in black complete with the Pom logo, look no further.
For further details visit the DBO website at,

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