Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lade car parking

Lade -cold, showery, sw 4 - In contrast to the weather glories of yesterday this morning was a shocker with heavy, wintry showers throughout blowing through on a scudding wind. We did the circular walk and got a right old soaking on the return leg. With the tide up several small flocks of waders had pitched up on the beach to roost, among them Sanderlings, one of my favourite waders of which there are currently about 700 hundred on the bay.
  On the pits the Long-tailed Duck remained on south lake amongst the usual ducks, grebes and Coots. 

                                Mixed flock of Turnstone, Dunlin and Sanderling

                                Sanderlings, Lade beach

NB: The recent influx of visiting birders to Lade pits has caused one or two parking problems for local residents in Derville and Seaview Roads, particularly at weekends, with driveways being blocked and, in at least one instance, damage to a garden wall. Both these roads are narrow, dead ends with limited turning options and are best avoided when visiting site.
  The official RSPB line is to guide birdwatchers to the car park (free) at Lade toilet block on the coast road, opposite the Taylor Road junction and follow the footpath sign down Taylor Road and onto the NNR. However, I can see no problem parking closer to site along Leonard Road, between the Derville Road and Beechmont Close junctions, or in either of the two cul-de-sacs of Prior and Channon Roads, both of which have turning circles.
  I`d like to think that most visiting birders park considerately anyway, but hopefully if the above parking suggestions can be used it may avoid any further incidents and subsequent complaints to RSPB who now own and manage Lade pits. 

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