Sunday, 7 January 2018

The north-east wind doth blow

Lade - cold, sunny, ne 4-6 - A dry, sunny day at last, but with a raw bone wind increasing to gale force out of the north-east making for uncomfortable birding on the coastal flatlands. Despite the weather there was a healthy gathering of visiting birders checking out the wintering Long-tailed Duck and Slavonian Grebe, including a KOS group. Both birds were mobile going between the two lakes, no doubt seeking out calmer waters, with the duck particularly so flying regularly over the willow swamp and across the lakes. Up to 12 Goldeneyes were still present, mainly on south lake, but due to the wind strength few others birds were noted, especially passerines.  
  Elsewhere across the peninsula today the 1st winter Iceland and Glaucous Gulls were noted at the Patch and Burrowes respectively, plus a drake Smew also on Burrowes and a redhead on ARC along with the Black-throated Diver.
  We fully intended to venture out this afternoon, but once the fire was lit, and with the wind howling in off the bay, a mug of tea and a good read seemed a much more enjoyable option, and Barney didn't seem to mind either.

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