Thursday 3 March 2011

Tudeley Woods and Pembury Heath

0900-1145hrs - cold, cloudy, ne3 - Headed inland to recce a couple of woodland sites on the High Weald for forthcoming magazine articles. Marshman and the Joker came along to keep me and Barney company and ensure we didnt get lost. The highlight was a flock of 70 odd Redpolls in the birch canopy at Tudeley, complete with 3 pale Mealy types and a couple of Siskins. Also, several groups of Redwings and all the usual tits, 2 woodpeckers, Nuthatch and Goldcrest. The heath was quieter with only crests and tits of note. Some nice habitat though, which looks suitable for Woodlark, Tree Pipit and the like later on in spring.
Called in at a windy and largely birdless Bewel Water on the way back (well, it is in Sussex).
Scotney - 1300hrs - Phew, Marshman breathed a sigh of relief as he returned to his beloved flatlands - think he had a touch of altitude sickness! However, even the Joker and I agreed that there were far too many trees up north; must be morphing into a local (mental note to check feet for webbing). Anyway, no birds at the Sussex end (typical) of Scotney, while the grass at the Kent end was full of birds; well at least 100 Wigeon, several Curlew, Dunlin and Redshank, plus 20 Linnets.
                                              Tudeley Woods, High Weald

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