Monday 14 November 2011

Grey and Grim

ARC - 1200hrs - grey, overcast, misty, light airs - Bumped into PK in the car park who`d drawn a blank at Nickoll`s Quarry for the Roughie earlier, although it was reported in the afternoon. No sign of the Long-tailed Duck but the second Great White Egret was here and getting bullied by the herons. Also, redhead Smew, 12 Goldeneye and 4 Dunlin. Had brief views of a Firecrest on the Willow Trail.
Lade - 1500hrs First Goldeneye of the winter on south pit, plus a Common Buzzard on the wall `mirror` and several hundred Lapwings and Curlews on the islands. Barney found a Grass Snake sluggishly slithering around on the main track which I moved into the cover of a bramble patch.

                                          Grass Snake, Lade

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