Friday 28 December 2012

Red Crested Pochard

Galloways - 1330hrs - Mild, dull, sw 3 - Not sure why I bothered to bird Galloways on a blustery, overcast afternoon in mid-winter; but hey, ho you never know... Apart from a couple of crows the grasslands were bereft of birds. Had a quick look at the bay where a few divers, Kitts, auks and Gannets were noted, plus 10 Common Scoters.
RSPB - Dengemarsh too was a birdless wasteland with the hay field empty and only a score or more ducks on the lake. On Burrowes 3 Smew including a cracking `white nun`, 3 Goosanders, 5 Goldeneyes, a Great White Egret and a reported Scaup which eluded me. Over the road a duck Red Crested Pochard in front of Hanson amongst the Wigeon, Teal and Pochard, plus 4 Goldeneyes and a redhead Smew. Two Chiffchaffs from the willow trail, another GWEgret, 3 Marsh Harriers and a flying Bittern from Screen hide was about it before early lights out due to the low cloud base.

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