Saturday 12 October 2013

Thrush Rush - Ring Ouzels

Lade - 0700hrs - cool, cloudy, e 2 - Following lashings of overnight rain dawn broke mercifully dry with a fantastic sunrise over the sea. Only had an hour on the local patch before driving up to London on grandparent duties but it was obvious a large fall of thrushes had dropped in last night. Song Thrushes were still coming in off the sea, calling overhead, and from back gardens where we normally don't get `em. Robins too were apparent with scores calling from cover along with Blackbirds and smaller numbers of Redwings. Having missed the ones on the bird reserve it was good to connect with 2 cracking Ring Ouzels along the track by south pit and another 3 by the holiday camp. Cutting back along the beach more thrushes were coming in off the bay, one or two of which were Rouzels on call.
Astonishingly, on the sands there was a flock of 300 Brent Geese! amongst the usual waders, plus loads more crossing the bay offshore heading west.
Finsbury Park, London - Late morning in the park was interesting as Song Thrushes were passing high overhead pushing inland and there was a noticeable influx of Jays with at least 10 noted.
ps: It sounded as though there was an unprecedented fall of Ring Ouzels this morning along the south coast from Folkestone to Hastings with `hundreds` around Dungeness. Goodness knows how many more went undetected along the Wealden hills just inland...

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