Sunday 28 December 2014

An icy blast

Lade - 1000hrs - cold, sunny, ne 5 - Spent much of the morning working the local patch and along the bay where most birds were sheltering behind banks and bushes from the blasting wind coming off the sea. On south lake the long-staying duck Red-crested Pochard remained amongst the ducks and Coots, while a tit and Chiffchaff flock found shelter by the ponds and a Raven flew over calling.

                                Red-crested Pochard, Lade

Greatstone Beach - We checked the tideline for Snow Bunting without any joy, although it was busy with people out walking and enjoying the sunshine, despite the icy wind. Further south towards the Pilot the foreshore drew a blank for yesterdays Glaucous Gull.

                                Glove fence, Greatstone Beach

Dungeness - No sign here of it here too amongst the few roosting gulls, although there was a 3rd winter Caspian Gull amongst the Herring Gulls and Black-backs.
Lade - A late afternoon check of roosting gulls on the gravel pits at Kerton Road also drew a blank.

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