Sunday 6 May 2018

Passage terns

Dungeness - warm, dry, sunny, NE 3 - 0700-0900hrs  - Joined CP and JJ for a seawatch where yet again it was slow going and without any skuas. However, terns were in evidence with a steady trickle of Common and Sandwich, a party of five Little Terns, two small flocks of Arctic Terns and a single spanking Black Tern in full breeding plumage, my first of the spring on a seawatch this year!
Also through 50 Barwits, 20 Sanderlings, 10 Oystercatchers and five Whimbrels. By 0900hrs it was time to go as the parking bays filled up and tourists poured onto the Estate.
  Early evening from the fishing boats and a few more terns through plus two Pomarine Skuas at 1830hrs. Several Wheatears on the foreshore.
Lade - Very few passage migrants seen this morning apart from a couple of Wheatears on the Desert. Small Coppers were soon on the wing and a flighty Grizzled Skipper in the Cattery hollow was my first of the spring. An afternoon visit yielded a party of ten Whimbrels overhead and a few Swallows over south lake.

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