Friday 15 June 2018

Barney at 12

Lade - warm, dry and sunny, NE 2 - We trudged around the local patch this morning more out of a sense of duty than anything else, searching for and finding a few more Pyramidal Orchids. The old railway line track was full of highly active Common Blues, Small Heaths and Painted Ladies in the hot sunshine. My faithful companion Barney, 12 years old today, never tires of his morning stroll, although like me he is slow to get going sometimes.

                                Barney, 12 today


  1. Good old Barney, he looks well on his 12 years but I guess it's like us humans, if you stay as active as possible, you stay as healthy as possible. Starting to become a tad too dry out and about now after that cold and wet Spring.

  2. Hi Derek, yes you`re spot on, activity (physical and mental)is the key to longevity it seems. We`ve just returned from our evening walk and he spotted a fox cub, and boy did he want to go for it, even at his age! The rain keeps missing us too and the shingle is now bone dry and beginning to brown off. All the best.