Monday 7 March 2022


 Dengemarsh - cold, dry and sunny, E 5 - A biting east wind made for an uncomfortable walk from Springfield Bridge down to the Hayfields. From the bridge a few Corn and Reed Buntings picked over the dredgings stacked on the sewer bank, whilst a lone male Marsh Harrier quartered Hookers reedbed. On the flood both Great White and Little Egrets, plus a Jack Snipe that I almost stood on by the old pump before it flew off! The hayfields look in superb nick with plenty of water and shallows attractive to early passage waders. Hayfield 3 held only two Ringed Plovers and a Lapwing, but there was a bit more activity on Hayfields 1/2 where six Ringed Plovers displayed alongside two smart `white` Ruffs and 25 Teals.

                                 Great White Egret, Dengemarsh flood

                                 Two `white` Ruffs, Hayfield 2

Driving past Cockles Bridge the four Cattle Egrets were still present on the sheep paddock, as was the redhead Smew on ARC from the causeway road. At Lade a singing Chiffchaff from the shelter of the ponds was the only hint of spring, while an attempt to check the bay waders at the Tavern lookout was scuppered due to the rasping wind. 

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