Monday 1 May 2023

Lydd Heronry

All Saints, Lydd - warm, dry and cloudy N2 - The weather was kind this morning for the Mayday opening of the church tower to observe the heronry at close quarters - or spy on what the neighbours have been building in their back gardens in Lydd! The views into four heron nests situated in Holm Oaks on the corner of Dennes Lane were, as usual, unparalleled; likewise the views from the White Cliffs around to Hastings Country Park and across the Marsh landscape to the Low Weald and back to Dungeness. Having made two visits on the ground this spring I estimate there to be at least 28 active Grey Heron nests and at least six Little Egrets. Thanks are due to Pat and Les Carter for organising this annual event.

                                 Grey Heron adult

                                  Grey Heron `branchers`


                                  Scotney pits

                                 Lydd pits and Cheyne Court wind farm

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  1. Hi Ken, good to hear from you. Pat and her husband Les are brilliant and do loads for the community, including organising the Heronwatch. I`ll be around the reserve next week guiding so hope to bump into you and Sue. Good birding, Paul