Friday 19 April 2024


Lade - cold, cloudy NW4 - The cold, northerly airflow looks set to continue and as a result not a single hirundine was seen over the lakes this morning; normally by now there are plenty flowing through but this blocking weather system from the north must be causing a log-jam somewhere to the south where, apparently, there is something of a heatwave. On a brighter note I heard my first Cuckoo of spring calling briefly from the far side of south lake, while Lesser Whitethroats continue to out number Common Whitethroats; hopefully they haven`t suffered from the long-term drought in the Sahel region of Africa. Around the shelter of the ponds there was a decent cacophony of warbler song, including Sedge Warblers that have arrived this week, and a couple of Greenfinches, but little else. I checked the beach from the Tavern viewpoint on a falling tide but could only find a few Oystercatchers and Curlews amongst a scattering of gulls.

                                  Sedge Warbler, Lade

We finished off the morning at Dungeness, which was virtually birdless, and onto a walk down to the pines and around Tower pits where the obligatory warblers were noted. From Screen hide a male Marsh Harrier and a Great White Egret flew over the ARC lake and a pair of Shovelers displayed in front of the Cormorant colony, and that was about it.

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