Sunday, 21 July 2013

An odd Seal

Dungeness - 0530hrs - warm, dry and sunny, ne 2 - An early morning visit to the point in search of yesterdays putative Bearded Seal duly delivered; well, sort of. From the seawatch hide I could see a seal swimming just offshore near The Patch. As it drifted east a fisherman greeted it with a hail of stones, even though the seal had far more right to be there than the worm-drowning, litter-lout of a rod-wielding yobbo. Anyhow, I wandered down to The Patch getting fleeting views of the seal as it snorkeled every 10 minutes or so about 20yds offshore. All I could discern was a brownish, pale faced, Harbour type seal with pale-ish whiskers, so I couldn`t really add anything more to the debate over its id, and I had no chance with the camera; however, Plodding Birder blogger has a cracking shot of it hauled out on the beach from yesterday.
Also on the beach and around the boil up to six Med Gulls and four Little Gulls.

                                    Elephant Hawkmoth


Lade - Another busy night around the moth trap with Lackey and Cabbage Moth new for the year, plus three species of hawkmoths including a crisp Elephant, but no migrants. At Littlestone 33 species were recorded in a garden trap including a scarce Coronet and a more regular Coast Dart.

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