Monday, 1 July 2013

House Martins

Lade - 0500hrs - mild, sunny morning, cooler afternoon, sw 3 - Another decent catch in the garden moth trap with 24 species including an influx of Satin Waves and several Buff-tips.


                                Tray of goodies

Lydd - Spent most of the day at the allotment erecting a new shed under the supervision of Mrs PT and Barney... However, House Martins from the adjacent housing estate were busy-as-bees too-ing and fro-ing with mud for nests and generally twittering away in that pleasing manner that is their way. Once or twice an alarm call was uttered and a Hobby careered overhead. House Martins have come in really late this summer but they seem to be getting on with the business of nesting all the same. In the village I was raised House Martins nested on our house every year, under the eaves by my bedroom, and as a nipper I can remember watching them nest building through the window and marvelling at their tiny legs and feet all covered in snow-white feathers.
ARC -  1700hrs - A stroll down to Screen hide revealed 2 Curlews and several Lapwings on the islands amongst scores of eclipse ducks. Hundreds of House Martins were over the lake hawking insects. Also noted Cuckoo, Green Woodpecker, Common Tern, Hobby and Marsh Harrier.
ps: Had an e-mail from David Featherbe yesterday along with a few piccies he took on the bird reserve at the weekend and just couldn't resist posting these two stunning shots below. Thanks David.

                                Bittern, Hookers (D Featherbe)

                                Adult Sedge Warbler feeding juv (D Featherbe)

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