Monday, 22 July 2013

Fen Wainscot & dipped Rosy Terns

Lade - 0500hrs - warm, dry and sunny, hot later, e 2 - Another predictably busy night around the traps with 50 species here at Plovers, the best catch of the year so far for species diversity, which included Fen Wainscot, a localised reed-loving moth which I`ve only recorded once or twice before.

                                Fen Wainscot

                                Peppered Moth

Dungeness - Following a tip-off from PB, and desperate for a Marsh year tick (stuck on 196), we hot-footed down to The Patch as two Roseate Terns had been found roosting on the beach amongst the gulls. Unfortunately, by the time I got organised they`d done the off and were probably back at Rye Harbour.
There was nothing much of note over the boil, although the unidentified seal was nearby, which is now being touted as a Harbour Seal. 
ARC - 1900hrs - En-route to watering duties at the allotment we wandered up to Screen hide on a very humid evening. All the usual wildfowl, gulls and terns on the pit, plus 50 Lapwings and four Dunlins. Good to see two pairs of Oystercatchers with well grown chicks while the Swallow nestlings are growing fast.

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