Monday, 18 July 2016

More Moths...

Lade  - hot, dry, sunny, nw 2 - It was very much a tale of two moth traps today, although numbers were not as great as I thought they`d be, probably due to the clear overnight skies. Another Sussex Emerald was in the garden trap along with Scalloped Oak and Dusky Sallow, both new for the year, while Tawny Shears was again the most numerous macro moth at 35 individuals.

                                Male Drinker, what a splendid beast

                                             First Dusky Sallow of the summer

                          Second generation Ruby Tigers have started to come to light

                            Shoulder-striped Wainscot, common at both trap sites

                       Tawny Shears, a numerous and highly variable moth of the shingle

St Mary`s-in-the-Marsh - We then moved off the shingle to a trap site out on the Marsh where 33 species were recorded - and not a single Tawny Shears! There was nine additional species of macros here including Fan-foot, Least Carpet, Red Twin-spot Carpet and Drinker, making a tidy total of 42 species across both sites.
  The afternoon temperature peaked at a 23C in the Plovers garden, tempered by a pleasant sea breeze as the wind moved round to an easterly vector.

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