Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pebble Hook-tip

Lade - mild, cloudy, sw 4 - A quiet sort of a weekend with a brisk wind off the Atlantic dominating the weather, although it did relent last night providing a decent moth catch that included a smart Pebble Hook-tip, new for the trap site. The breeze upped the garden butterfly list as Marbled White, Small Heath and Meadow Brown all wafted over from the NNR.

                               Pebble Hook-tip - a first for the Plovers trap site

  A steady southbound passage of Swifts was underway this morning over the lakes alongside a few Sand Martins. On the dry scrub ridges several family groups of Linnets were warily making their way in the world as a Sparrowhawk was on the hunt.
 We walked down to the Tavern this evening, on a falling tide, to check the sands where the main spectacle was provided by at least 1,000 Black-headed Gulls feeding in the gloop. The only passage waders on offer were 10 summer plum Dunlins.
  On the bird reserve the Glossy Ibis stayed faithful to the hayfields throughout the weekend.


  1. Green Sandpipers and Greenshanks beginning to pass through the Swale NNR now. Also a big build up of juv. Swallows and mixed Martins, autumn's gonna be early this year.

  2. Waders, Sand Martins and Swifts have begun to trickle through here too. Main problem for the waders is a lack of habitat due to high water levels. We could do with a heat wave...

    1. Strong winds and warm temps. for several days have seen water levels drop quite a bit here, lots of muddy areas now showing. Almost gale force this morning.