Monday, 18 December 2017

Barn Owl

Lade - cold, frosty, sunny, light airs - A nippy start to the day with a light ground frost on the pebbles. Almost the first bird seen on south lake was the elusive Long-tailed Duck working its usual part of the water in front of the linear reed bed south of the wall `mirror`. Goldeneye numbers were slightly up on yesterday and a Kingfisher showed well on north lake.

                                Magpies chattering amongst themselves

                                The elusive Long-tailed Duck eventually surfaced

  This afternoon we tramped across to the south end of the lake to try a different angle on the diving duck, and much to my surprise it was actually on the surface preening for a full 15 minutes, before recommencing its underwater forays. Whilst there attempting a pic, two redhead Goosanders dropped in. Just before lights out a check of the fields towards the airport revealed two Marsh Harriers heading to roost and a distant Barn Owl hunting by a large straw stack.
  Elsewhere around the peninsula today the 13 Bewick`s Swans were still in the field opposite Cockles Bridge and the Long-eared Owl was at roost behind the Dipping Pool (PB). Smew remains an unexplained absentee among the regular winter visitors.

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