Thursday, 14 December 2017

Bewick`s Swans

Dungeness - cold, dry, sunny, w 4 - We kicked off at the point first thing where it was very quiet bird wise. Together with PB we had a brief look for the Dartford Warblers by the Britannia without success, although the wind was brisker than expected. A party of six Brents moved down-channel by the fishing boats.
  From Cockle`s Bridge the seven Bewick`s Swans were still in the corn field opposite amongst 50 Mute Swans, where also Buzzard and Great White Egret noted. A check of New Diggings and ARC from the causeway road gate drew a blank on any sawbills, but plenty of common diving ducks and gulls, two Great White Egrets and the usual Marsh Harriers present.
Lade - A thorough scan of Lade south failed to locate the Long-tailed Duck. The Slavonian Grebe, however, was on north lake amongst a flock of Pochards, plus a Redshank and a flyover Bittern.

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