Friday 22 June 2012

Stormy Days

Dungeness -0900hrs - mild, sunny, sw 7 - Near gale force winds sweeping up-Channel made for difficult birding today across the Peninsula. A couple of seawatches from the hide and fishing boats delivered a trickle of Gannets, terns and a single Arctic Skua. Several small parties of Swifts over the sea.
RSPB - 1030hrs - Very little of note due to the strong winds, apart from more Swifts over ARC, plus Green Sandpiper and LRP at the southern end. Only experienced fliers took to the air today so it was amusing to watch a juvenile Grey Heron being blown all over the place as it traversed Dengemarsh.
What with all the rain and mild temperatures a good morning for a spot of mushrooming (at a secret location...) with three large bags filled in next to no time. Mmm, fungi for tea...

                                          Dungeness Mush

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