Friday 29 June 2012

Sussex Emerald

Lade - Warm, dry and sunny - 0500hrs - Wandered out in a daze to turn the moth trap off, whilst feeling sorry for myself due to a heavy dose of Man Flu, and instinctly potted up an emerald on the outside. Three hours and two brews later I checked the said moth which I initially thought to be a tatty male Sussex Emerald; and then doubt crept in as I dont get many emeralds in the garden trap.
At the Kerton Road Cafe a second (DB) and third (BG) opinion was sought and confirmed that it was indeed a Sussex Emerald, albeit not a classic individual, the first for the Peninsula this summer, we think... Just to be absolutely sure a pic was e-mailed to the Moth Lord for his seal of approval.

Sussex Emerald - a moth-eaten (ha, ha!) male. Note the double projections on the hind wings, although not as distinct as on some and the red spots on the outer wings. Common Emerald lacks the projections and has blackish not reddish spots. Sussex Emerald is a RDB moth and a Dungeness speciality where it regulary comes to light at the Obs and Cafe. The larva feed mainly on Wild    Carrot and Ragwort. The flight season last from late June into August.
Dungeness - 1000hrs - At the Patch a 1st summer Little Gull and 5 Meds in the throng of gulls and terns. Black Redstart and Mipit on the powers station wall. In the moat the Heligoland trap has been   stripped out and awaiting the weekend rebuild.
RSPB -Very little of note around the bird reserve this afternoon in a blustery wind.                              

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