Friday, 20 July 2012

Early Migrants & Eagle Owl - Saturday

Lade - 0500hrs - cool, still, damp, light airs - A chilly night delivered low numbers and only 16 species of moths in the garden trap with only a Figure of Eighty of note.
Over the pits the first real evidence of the gathering autumn migration with a couple of Willow Warblers calling from back garden bushes and a trickle of Yellow Wagtails and Sand Martins over the storm beaches south. Also, first Greenshank of the return passage, plus 2 Common and one Green Sandpipers.

                                          Poplar Lutestring

Ashford - 1030hrs - Following a text from NB confirming that the Eagle Owl was roosting on Charter House tower block this morning, could not resist a quick look en-route to a wedding `up-country`. Stopped in the Shell garage opposite and had bins views from the road, after which briefly joined PB who was `shooting` it with his long-tom (check PB`s blog for a cracking pic). Even though the owl is almost certainly of captive origin it was still an impressive sight, and the fact that it has presumably survived in the wild for at least a month throws up all sorts of questions, such as what has it been feeding on, how has it learnt to hunt so quickly and where will it go next?
Whatever the outcome I hope it survives and enjoys its freedom as personally I cant stand to see any bird caged and unable to do what nature intended of it and fly free.

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