Tuesday 28 May 2013

1st Summer Common Tern

Lade - 0800hrs - Cool, heavy rain `til late afternoon, sw 2 - A complete contrast to the weather of yesterday with a return to cool, damp conditions. Six species of moths in the trap included Buff-tip and Muslin Moth. Got a good soaking over the pits looking around for a reported small heron seen flying towards Lade at dusk yesterday. No joy but will try again this evening.

                                1st summer Common Tern

                                Buff Tip

                                Muslin Moth

Dungeness  - A brief break in the rain enabled a quick look at the Patch where a 1st summer Common Tern was on the beach among the adults. Two Black Redstarts were feeding juvs along the power station wall, while a Carrion Crow swooped down grabbing a juv Pied Wagtail being hotly pursued by the adults.
Lade - A pleasant enough evening, if a little chilly, and certainly too cold for it to be worthwhile a Hobby hunting, as testified by one sat out on the Desert shingle attempting to warm up. They must be having a tough time at the moment getting into breeding condition and I`m not surprised an emaciated corpse was found at the Obs recently. The only birds of note over the lake were a `skimming` Common Sandpiper and a calling Med Gull.

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