Monday 9 December 2013

Goosander & Water Rail

Dungeness - 0915hrs - mild, sunny, sw 2 - Joined DW at the Patch to check the gulls of which there were hundreds but nothing of particular note apart from a couple of Kittiwakes on the beach. In the power station compound Pied Wagtail and Black Redstart. The sea appeared to be quiet.
New/Old Romney - 1200hrs - Drove the back lane between the Romneys in spring-like weather with the temperature nudging 13C. Plenty of Common Gulls on the turf fields while the ditches and old willows at Wheelsgate Farm were getting a jolly good, `tidy-up-we-can`t-have-any-pesky-wildlife-friendly-habitat-here`, kind of treatment. It`s hardly surprising that many farmland birds are on last knockings. Anyhow, enough of that, mustn`t digress into a rant, on the plus side the Bewick`s Swan flock was giving the rape-seed greenery a good grazing north of Caldecote Lane, where 3 Corn Buntings perched briefly on a power line.

                                Water Rail, ARC

ARC - 1300hrs - Good session from Hanson where 5 distant Goosander was the largest flock of the winter so far comprising 2 stunning drakes. All the usual wildfowl on offer including 5 Goldeneye, plus 2 Great White and 3 Little Egrets. A Water Rail came out of hiding in front of the hide and posed briefly for piccies. From the Willow Trail 2 Chiffs and a Cetti`s Warbler.
Checked Lade Bay this afternoon just before lights out but all we could muster was a flock of 50 Wigeon flying in and settling on the sea. All the usual waders were high tide roosting along the shingle foreshore.

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